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Which breast pumps and accessories are right for you and your lifestyle?

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Choosing the right pump for your lifestyle – by Ruth Maguire of boobingit.com.

At some stage on your breastfeeding journey, you’ll likely want to express milk for your baby and that’s when it’s useful to have a breast pump at home to turn to. Perhaps you’re returning to work, having a night away from baby, or want to build up a freezer stash of milk for those ‘just in case’ moments.

What pump should you get?

There are so many different types on the market and it can all get a little confusing especially if you’ve never pumped or expressed milk before. When it comes to choosing a pump, ask yourself:

How often you’ll be planning to use your pump?
Will you be using it on the go, or regularly over a long period of time?
Will you only need it from time to time?
Do you have an urgent need to build up your milk supply and feed your baby?

Electric breast pumps and accessories – for regular expressing and ‘on the go’

Electric pumps are ideal if you think you’ll want/need to pump regularly. Perhaps you prefer to feed your baby via expressed milk in a bottle, or you’re returning to work and need to express for comfort and to give your little one milk whilst at childcare. Electric pumps are very efficient at expressing milk quickly and easily so perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Top tip!
Breast shell sizing – remember not every size fits all so when choosing a pump make sure you choose a breast shells that fits you, your nipple and your pump.

Manual breast pumps – for occasional expressing

Manual pumps are perfect if you only plan on expressing from time to time – to gradually build up a freezer supply of milk or those times when you’ll be away from little one for an extended period of time. Manual pumps may not be as fast-working as electric pumps but they are a cheaper and lower-tech alternative.

Top tip!
Manual pumps are small and easy to bring with you in your bags should you need to.

Hospital-grade rental pump – for urgent use and to build up your supply 

If you’re struggling to establish or build up your milk supply, then a hospital-grade pump could be just what you need. Many new parents use this if they have had a pre-term or sick baby in NICU, or they have a baby who, for whatever reason, is unable to latch on to the breast to feed. A baby with tongue-tie, for example may struggle to latch at the beginning and pumping and feeding by bottle may be necessary. A hospital-grade pump can help you get over a difficult start to breastfeeding by helping you produce milk as quickly and effectively as possible. Best of all, they can be rented for short-term use – for when you need it most.

Top tip!
If you’re feeling a bit stressed or anxious about expressing milk, imagine holding your baby close to you (or have an item of their clothing beside you to smell) as this can stimulate those amazing milk-producing hormones!

There you have it, a breakdown of three different types of breast pumps and the reasons for selecting each one depending on your needs and lifestyle. Choosing the right breast pump(s) and accessories can lead to a positive and smoother feeding journey with your little one. At any stage of your journey, Ardo can help assist you with how to pump and express milk in the best way possible.

To read the article in full visit – https://boobingit.com/choosing-the-right-breast-pump-and-accessories

Image courtesy of @alice_hung88 featuring the Ardo Calypso breast pump.

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