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Tips and Advice by Expressing Mum Lucy Felton

Posted on by Ardo Medical

Seek Help.

Whether it’s health professionals at your hospital, GP’s practice, at children’s centres or a friend, ask for help. Your local children’s centres are the best places to start because they’ll be able to put you in touch with your local infant feeding team, let you know of any local breastfeeding workshops, drop in clinics and coffee mornings. Your health visitor should have left you with some contact details too, give them a call and explain the situation you’re in. They are there to help. Sometimes a solidarity ‘it will get easier’ chat is all it takes to get you back on the positive feeding path.


Loan A Pump

If you’re not sure whether you need to buy an electric breastpump, speak to your antenatal team about popping back to hospital to try one of their pumps out. Also ask about any breastpump loan schemes to see if borrowing one is an option available to you. Head this way for more info about hiring Ardo breastpumps.


Watch An Expert

Youtube is open 24 hours a day and Ardo’s range of ‘help me’ videos and produced in response to all the questions they get asked. Watch their expert advice right here.


Never Suffer In Silence

If you’re breastfeeding and in pain then don’t just feed through it. Stop, carefully take baby off the boob and re-latch. Try different holds and positions. Rub baby’s nose against your nipple and wait for that wide, open gaping mouth before putting them on. Ask professionals for help. Maybe a lactation consultant is for you? Have you had your baby checked for tongue tie? There are so many factors – from a shallow latch to pursed lips and even a breast infection (mastitis) that could be leading to pain. Don’t ignore it! See the ‘Seek Help’ section above!


Know Your Kit

Hot and cold compresses, nursing bras, sterilising equipment…  The list goes on and there’s a lot to think about but that’s the beauty of online shopping, we can have everything delivered to our doors now so don’t panic buy and only buy what you need, as you need it. A few essentials like breast pads, nipple ointment and milk storage bags are no-brainer pregnancy buys. Ardo’s selection of accessories are all a few clicks away.


For the full fabulous blog post visit https://lucyfelton.com/best-electric-breastpump-ardo/

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