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Posted on by Ardo Medical

As well as award-winning breastpumps, Ardo is also the UK distributor of the new and innovative trying to conceive (TTC) product, the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup. There has been fantastic feedback from FERTI·LILY customers about their success in getting pregnant, and we would like to share this particular story with you.

Jo and her husband (both in their late 20s/early 30s) began trying to conceive in January 2019, hopeful that they would get pregnant quite quickly and with ease. Previous tests had shown the all-clear for both polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.  Although after abnormal cells were found growing on Jo’s cervix, a small part of the cervix was removed.  She was also informed that she had a retroverted uterus, (although this is not unusual for many women), which essentially means the sperm needs to swim a little further to reach the released egg.

However, the couple had been told that these things should not hamper their TTC journey.  In preparation, Jo hadn’t been on any hormonal contraception for the previous three years, with pretty regular menstrual cycles, and both she and her husband led healthy and relatively stress-free lifestyles.

The couple tried to conceive for eight months, experimenting with different sperm-friendly lubricants, varying branded pre-natal vitamins, a variety of positions, and also holding her legs in the air afterwards! All the classic tactics you read about online! They then decided to visit their GP to ask for advice and guidance. They were sent for fertility tests, with husband’s results showing fine, but with Jo’s showing as inconclusive, so were referred to a fertility specialist, (although there was a three-month waiting list).

In the meantime, Jo and her husband continued TTC, and after seeing an advert on Instagram for the FERTI·LILY and reading the positive reviews, decided to give it a go. “We had spent a lot of time, money and energy on various TTC products plus our fertility appointment was just a few weeks away”, said Jo. “I thought we might as well have one last ‘try’ of a product we had not used before.” Using nothing but the FERTI·LILY three times during Jo’s fertile window, just five days before the couple were due to attend their appointment, Jo realised she was a day late for her period.

She took a pregnancy text, and unlike the previous 12 months, did not sit around waiting to see a negative result and end up in tears.  She went and prepared the dinner… five minutes later, she took a quick glance at the test and went to put it in the bin, but was stopped in her tracks – there were two pink lines!

Jo says: “I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t cry or laugh or do anything I was in complete shock but straight away my heart felt so full. I felt so grateful that finally after seeing so many family and friends get pregnant around us in the time we were TTC, it was our time to be parents and my time to be a mummy.”


At Ardo we want to help other couples fulfill their dreams of starting a family. The FERTI·LILY is designed to help increase the chances of getting pregnant without getting in the way of intimacy. No hormones, doctors, or invasive procedures. Easily used at home, it gives couples greater control over their fertility, so that trying for a baby remains one of the most intimate and exciting moments they can share.

Find out more at www.ferti-lily.co.uk or speak to one of the Ardo team!

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