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Hospital Training Products

Hospital Training Products

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To view the full range of hospital products visit ardomedical.co.uk. 

Ardo medical is an award-winning company, having won accolades as chosen by both industry and by users. We develop, produce and distribute Breastfeeding products, Obstetrics and medical technology equipment – so as well as our famous breastpumps, we also produce Suction equipment for Ventouse deliveries, Urine specimen collection bags for babies, and even the little clamps that are clipped to baby’s umbilical cord at birth to prevent blood loss.

Ardo works closely with healthcare professionals within the hospital environment, and we are proud to be an approved supplier to the NHS. Our Carum and Calypso electric breastpumps are used in NHS hospitals throughout the UK by healthcare professionals, within maternity and neonatal wards to help mums establish and maintain their breastmilk supplies, in milk banks, and children’s centres.