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Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump

Key Features

  • Portable, medical standard breastpump
  • Closed-system protects against pathogens
  • Memory Plus saves personalised sessions
  • Power Pumping function increases milk supply
  • MyArdo app to control from smartphone
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Single or double expression
  • Made for Mums Gold Award

The Ardo Alyssa Double Electric is a compact,  wireless, portable, cordless, and rechargeable modern breast pump.  It is an efficient, high-quality, medical standard device, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The closed-system pump provides maximum protection, ensuring a barrier against pathogens for your breastmilk.

The breastpump can be used for either single or double expression.

Compact, light, and easy to use

The Alyssa's compact size and USB rechargeable integrated battery allows for maximum mobility, meaning the breastpump can be used anywhere, at any time.

A fully charged battery allows to pump up to 8 times.

MyArdo App

The MyArdo app provides the option to control the breastpump easily from your smartphone. 

It also offers important information and useful tips on pumping.

POWER PUMPING - increase milk supply with this innovative function

The Ardo Alyssa is the first breastpump with an automatic power pumping feature.

It is a simple, predefined one-hour interval pumping programme with phases and pauses that imitates clusterfeeding, which achieves an increase in milk production through more frequent breastfeeding.

Memory Plus – personalised expressing at the touch of a button

An expressing session is a personal combination of suction (vacuum) and speed (cycles) with variable levels and durations. 

Once you have found the settings that are most comfortable and efficient for you, you can save the settings by pressing the Memory Plus button.

This saves the entire session history and also automatically reproduces it when starting the breastpump on your next session. 

It is possible to save a new session or delete any saved sessions at any time.

Rechargeable integrated battery 

The Alyssa can be used cordless at home, at work, and in any place independently without the need for electricity.  A fully charged battery allows to pump up to 8 times.

Safe and reliable

The Ardo Alyssa is a medical device certified to 93/42/EEC.  All parts which come into contact with breast milk are BPA, BPS & phthalate-free.

ARDO Aylssa Double Breastpump

What does it mean when we say that Ardo Alyssa Double is a 2-phase breastpump?

The Alyssa was developed based on babies’ sucking behaviour. The stimulation mode with fast cycle (suction frequency) and low vacuum (suction strength) makes the breast milk flow or triggers the let-down reflex, while the expressing mode with slow cycle (suction frequency) and high, comfortable vacuum (suction strength) enables the efficient expressing of breast milk.

Which are the best vacuum and cycle settings?

Every woman is unique and has different needs and sensibilities, so it is important to choose a breastpump that offers personalised settings. The Alyssa starts with gentle settings to protect your breasts. You can adjust the level of vacuum (suction strength) and the speed of the cycle (suction frequency) at any time during each expressing phase (stimulation or expressing mode) to suit your needs. It is very important for successful expressing results that the settings of vacuum and cycle do not cause any pain. 

What is the difference between double pumping and single pumping?

In single pumping, milk is expressed from only one breast. Double pumping, on the other hand, involves expressing milk from both breasts at the same time. The Alyssa is a double pump,  but can also be used as a single pump. It has been proven that double expressing allows more milk to be expressed in less time. But what is more important, is that expressing is comfortable.

Can I increase my milk quantity with Ardo Alyssa?

Yes, with Ardo Alyssa Double the amount of milk can be increased particularly well and in a short time because this is not only a double pump, but also the first breastpump on the market with automatic Power Pumping.

What is automatic Power Pumping?

Automatic Power Pumping mimics cluster feeding, a baby breastfeeding behaviour that increases milk volume by sucking more frequently at the breast. These are periods when babies and toddlers want to be breastfed frequently, interrupted by short breaks - usually in the early evening over 2-3 hours.

Automatic Power Pumping is a predefined one-hour interval expressing - expressing three times, interrupted by two relaxing pauses - which increases the amount of milk. While the duration of the expressing phases and the pauses are predefined, the mum can adjust the vacuum and cycle settings to her own personal requirements at any time.

How often should I use automatic Power Pumping?

Milk production is increased when Power Pumping is used 1 to 2 times a day, for 3 to 4 days.  Automatic Power Pumping can be used throughout feeding if you want to increase milk production.

How does Memory Plus work?

Once you have found your ideal settings where your breast milk flows best and you express most successfully, you can use Memory Plus to save your ideal expressing history. All the settings you selected during expressing in both phases incl. their duration will be saved and the Ardo Alyssa will switch off.

The next time you turn on your Ardo Alyssa, it will automatically start in the expressing sequence you saved and turn off after the saved duration.

Can I change my Memory Plus settings?

You can manually change the vacuum and cycle values, redefine the duration of the expressing cycle, and save the new expressing cycle, at any time. This replaces the previous sequence. You can turn off Memory Plus at any time by touching the button longer until it switches off.

How long does it take to charge the Ardo Alyssa Double, and how long can you express with it?

The Ardo Alyssa Double is fully charged after about 2 hours, and can then be operated for about 2 hours, depending on the set intensity. With a fully charged battery, you can express about 8 times.  The Alyssa Double can also be charged while expressing, however, this increases the charging time.

How can I charge the Ardo Alyssa Double?

The opening for the charging cable in the Ardo Alyssa is behind the green cover at the back of the pump. The battery is automatically charged when connected to a power supply via the included USB power adapter. Use only the power adapter and USB cable supplied with the breastpump. The indicator on the display shows the charging status of the battery.

Where can I download MyArdo App and on which smartphones does the MyArdo app work?

MyArdo app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems in the respective app stores.

MyArdo app works on Android on operating systems 9, 10 and 11+, while on the iPhone on operating systems 13+.

What does MyArdo app have to offer?

With MyArdo app you can operate all Ardo Alyssa Double functions and thus control the breastpump remotely.  In addition, you can find important tips about expressing.

Is Bluetooth safe and does it affect other devices?

Basically, all devices that have electronics or a wireless interface emit radiation.  To ensure that this is harmless and that devices do not interfere with each other, there are strict regulations.  The Alyssa has an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio module that complies with all current regulations and has been thoroughly tested as part of the approval process.

What will happen to my data?

Your data is only stored locally in the app and will not be shared.

How can I clean my Ardo Alyssa Double?

Before cleaning, it is very important to always clean your hands thoroughly first. 

Alyssa pump unit - before cleaning make sure that the Alyssa has been disconnected from the power supply. If necessary, you can wipe the device with a damp cloth and commercial washing-up liquid. 

Pumpset - wash the pumpset/s with washing-up liquid after each use and rinse thoroughly until clear. Dissasemble the pumpset and clean once a day,  or put it in the dishwasher, microwave (in microwave bag) or steam steriliser (according to manufacturer's instructions).   After cleaning, dry with a clean cloth and cover.  

The tube adapter and the tube can be wiped with a cloth if necessary, it is important that you do not get the tubing wet.

What is the Ardo Alyssa Double closed system?

The closed system is built into the breast shell. This prevents the breast milk from becoming contaminated and, at the same time, prevents milk from entering the breastpump.

Is my Ardo Alyssa Double safe?

The Alyssa Double electric breastpump is a medical device and as such it guarantees a very high level of safety, reliability and quality. Ardo Alyssa has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the relevant standards for electrical medical devices. The Ardo medical AG quality management system is monitored and certified by the notified body (TÜV SÜD).

All parts that come into contact with breast milk or the breast during expression are suitable for medical devices and are free of BPA, BPS and phthalates.

The Ardo Alyssa Double is losing suction or not at all, what can I do?

Make sure that the pumpset is assembled correctly and is not damaged (see the "pumpsets and accessories" instructions for use) and check that the pumpset is connected tightly into the breastpump.

Check that the battery is charged and make sure that the correct USB cable and power adapter are properly connected and plugged in.

My nipples hurt when I express. What can I do?

Expressing should not be painful. If it hurts, check the following possible causes:

• The vacuum is set too high: Adjust the vacuum and cycle settings to what feels comfortable to you.

• The nipples are not centred: Make sure your nipples are in the centre of the breast shell

• The funnel of the breast shell is too small or too large: Check which is the right size for you.

Which pumpsets can be used with Ardo Alyssa?

For successful expressing with the Alyssa Double, it is important that you only use the original Alyssa pumpsets that you will find in the package. The green lid cover was specially developed for the Alyssa with a fixed insert.  Other Ardo pumpsets and third-party pumpsets are not suitable for expressing with Alyssa.

What breast shell sizes are there and how can I tell if they fit?

2 x 26 mm diameter breast shell and 2 x 22 mm diameter inserts are included in the Alyssa Double package.

For an additional charge Ardo  offer a selection of breast shell sizes 31 mm and 36 mm. For the 31 mm breast shell, there is also a 28 mm insert and an Optiflow silicone insert.

The breast shell fits when:

• the nipple moves freely in the funnel and follows the rhythmic movements of the pump.

• there is no or only a little, areola tissue in the funnel.

• the breast milk flows and the breast feels soft all over after expressing.

What are my warranty options with the Ardo Alyssa Double?

There is a one year's warranty on the Alyssa Breastpump.  Keep your proof of purchase for warranty purposes. The warranty coverage is

limited to the first purchaser.


1 X Ardo Alyssa breastpump

1 X Power adapter with USB cable

2 X Tube and tube connector

2 X Breast shell insert 22 mm

2 X Cap with liner

2 X Pumpset lids

2 X Flexible membrane pot

2 X Breast shell 26 mm

2 X Lip valve

2 X Bottle 150 ml

2 X Bottle stand

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