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Breast Shells and Inserts

Breast Shells and Inserts

Breast Shell Inserts (22mm) PAIR
Breast Shells (26mm) PAIR
Breast Shells (31mm) PAIR
Breast Shell Inserts (28mm) PAIR
Breast Shells (36mm) PAIR
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When it comes to breast shells for expressing breastmilk, one size does certainly not fit all. At Ardo, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you have the correct size breast shell for you, your nipples, and your breast pump, to ensure you are getting the most productive milk flow.

The breast shell is the funnel-shaped part of the breast pump, which sits against your breasts when you are expressing. It collects the milk as it is expressed and channels it into the storage bottle you are pumping into.

When you use a breast shell, the nipple should move freely within the shell following the rhythmic movements of the pump. It should not be moving too far down into the funnel.

The best way to determine which size you need is to measure your nipple (excluding the areola), to the widest part, add 4mm to this, and this is the breast shell you should try in terms of the diameter - the circle on the breast shells where your nipple will enter.