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Samira and Sienna – breastfeeding and expressing journey

Posted on by Ardo Medical

Let’s talk breastfeeding. It can be a magical and smooth journey for some mothers, and for the rest, it can be such an excruciating experience! For me, it was honestly so hard physically and mentally. I can’t even explain the pain in those early days, let’s just say I was constantly in tears. But I’m so so glad I pushed through because I just can’t believe I have come to nearly a year of breastfeeding my baby! I honestly couldn’t have done it without my Ardo Pump (Calypso Double Plus Electric Breastpump and the many accessories it came with) I’ve always wanted to express breast milk and save it, especially because I was experiencing engorgement and I was such a leaking mess in those first 6 weeks so rather than waste it I was pumping it to store in the freezer.

I love the freedom I have knowing that there’s milk in the freezer, especially now that she’s on solids, or if I ever need to go to an event – it’s there for her! I found expressing milk with the machine so helpful, and easy to use. You choose different vacuum, and cycles – manually or electric which is great! It’s also very quick, and powerful.

You might think it makes a lot of noise, but it’s actually so gentle and quiet especially with it being electric! Depending on how my day is going, and Sienna’s routine, I express both manually and electric. The milk that I pump goes straight into the pre-sterilised bags and straight into the fridge freezer. The bags are BPA free and very secure, so you don’t even have to worry about anything leaking! And we all know nothing is worse than spilled breast milk!!  I’d get so much milk in just within the first morning feed. I’m aware it’s not like that for many women, but honestly, the double breast pump has been absolutely amazing!

Expressing for me really helped me to avoid blocked ducts and mastitis. I can’t tell you how frightened I was to ever experience it because all I ever heard was horror stories from other Mothers, and I just couldn’t imagine dealing with that sort of pain on top of what I was already going through, so it really just pushed me to breastfeed on demand and express whenever I could! And all thanks to my Ardo Calypso I have managed to not experience either!

I’m not pushing breastfeeding on anybody, and ultimately the way you feed your baby is your choice, but if you do want to breastfeed, or you might be currently.. it gets better, so much better,  the pain will not last. I’m so so glad that I pushed through those days where I used to cry because here we are nearly a year later, and I’m just in such awe of my daughters development. She’s thriving, and turned into a lovely little toddler!

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