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Calypso Awarded Mumsnet Best 2019

Posted: 30th April 2019

We wanted to share this fabulous piece of news with you – our Ardo Calypso has won the mumsnet Best Double Electric Breast Pump 2019! Each mumsnet Best winner has been tested against at least 10 competitors, in standardised and real-world situations, by experienced parents. …

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Tips and Advice by Expressing Mum Lucy Felton

Posted: 25th March 2019

Seek Help. Whether it’s health professionals at your hospital, GP’s practice, at children’s centres or a friend, ask for help. Your local children’s centres are the best places to start because they’ll be able to put you in touch with your local infant feeding team, …

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A Dad’s Supporting Role

Posted: 7th March 2019

Whether you’re a new dad, or already have children, a new baby always brings its own unique joys and challenges. When it comes to feeding baby, if mum is breastfeeding or expressing, it can often be hard for dads to know when and how they …

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The Three Ps of Successful Pumping

Posted: 11th February 2019

With every new baby comes another new lesson, and expressing is a technique that is learned, not something that will necessarily come easily to all new mums. At Ardo, when it comes to successful expressing, we believe in the three Ps – Positive Emotions, Perform …

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Size Matters!

Posted: 31st January 2019

When it comes to breast shells for expressing, one size does certainly not fit all. At Ardo, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you have the correct size breast shell for you, your nipples, and your breastpump, to ensure you …

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Mumsnet Best

Posted: 29th January 2019

We’re proud to be awarded a Mumsnet Best for the last seven years, and currently Breast Pump of the year,  for our Ardo Calypso Double Plus breast pump. You can read the review here. We’d like to extend our thanks to all our customers, new and …

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Ardo Supports Zambian Hospital Visit

Posted: 28th November 2018

Ardo is an international company – our pumps are quality Swiss-made – and we often hear through our counterparts abroad about how our products are being used and reviewed, generally from countries such as the USA and New Zealand. So, it’s been fantastic to hear …

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C-Section, Twins, and Exclusively Expressing – A Pumping Journey

Posted: 23rd October 2018

During a private scan at nine weeks pregnant, it was quite a shock to Ruth Williams to discover she was expecting twins – there was no history of multiples in either her or her husband’s families! Lexie and Oscar were born at 37+2 weeks by …

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Expressing and Feeding with Siblings

Posted: 14th August 2018

If you’ve decided to breastfeed and/or express your breastmilk, and baby is not your first, you wouldn’t be alone in wondering how this might work when you have other children to think about. Breastfeeding and expressing should be a positive experience, certainly between mother and …

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Nicole in a Nutshell

Posted: 19th June 2018

BREASTFEEDING – MY ONE NEGATIVE (THAT ISN’T SOOO BAD) I planned on writing this post AGES ago when I assumed Ripley would happily alternate between boob and bottle without fuss. Fast forward 4 months and this so hasn’t happened.  We are basically Siamese.   Not that I am …

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