Need Help Choosing a Breastpump?

Looking to make the best choice of breast pump when you express breastmilk for your baby? Ardo offers great products for breastfeeding & expressing mums – helping to solve many common expressing problems and helping mums with breastfeeding.

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Available are hospital-grade breastpumps to rent and the Calypso  breastpumps you can buy.

-   Closed-system breastpumps for complete protection
-   Uncompromising Swiss quality
-   Total safety for mother and baby
-   Hospital recommended and highly rated by mums
-   WHO code compliant


Recent Reviews

Love this pump
Its quiet so quick at getting milk off and just in general fabulous”

Beth C

“I had used the Ardo Carum Hospital grade pump whilst my daughter was in PICU and was so impressed with it that I wanted an Ardo pump for home. I chose the Calypso double and am very pleased with my purchase (in fact I prefer it to the hospital one). The pump's settings allow me to set the cycle and vacuum independently to what I need, the pump itself is very quiet and easy to keep clean. Exactly what I needed and I'd highly recommend this pump.”

J Carmody

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