Milk Bar

Would you like to try a breastpump before you buy?

We have launched the UK’s first ‘MilkBar’ where mums can try breastpumps before they buy.  A breastpump is a personal use item therefore it cannot be returned once purchased, so expressing mums can sometimes end up with the wrong pump for their needs, losing money in the process.


At our premises in Taunton, we have a range of breastpumps set up so that you can visit, use the breastpump in private, and make sure the pump chosen suits your individual needs. 

Ardo’s experienced staff will help and guide you on choice and suitability.

All our breastpumps are safe to share as the personal collection milk collection set (‘Pumpsets’) have our unique Vacuum Seal technology, which ensures there is a total barrier between the breast milk and the pump.


In our MilkBar, you can try for yourself any of the following breastpumps / systems:


- Hospital grade breastpump

- Personal breastpump

- Manual breastpump

- Single expressing

- Double expressing


Call now for your appointment on 01823 336 362


Come along to the only Milk Bar in the UK where mums can try before they buy, or hire a breastpump. Call or email our team in Taunton for more information or any questions you might have.


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