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Getting More Breastmilk

We need to remember that our body responds differently to a breast pump, than it does to a baby. Join us as Emma talks about getting more breast milk.


Double and Single Pumping

When would we pump from both breasts at the same time (assuming we have the double electric breast pump and have the option) and when would we pump from only one side at a time?

Breast Pumps for Every Mum

At Ardo breast pumps, we're very passionate about breastfeeding, breastmilk and supporting our mums. Our range of award-winning electric and manual breastpumps have been developed with both the personal requirements of you as an individual and for the specific needs of both mum and baby. Our product range is designed to help you pump more breast milk where ever you are. Whether you need a double electric pump for your home, or a manual pump for on the go, Ardo have quiet and comfortable breast pumps to cover all of your needs.

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A range of videos to help your express and understand our products.