Help Me Please

At Ardo we understand what it is like to be a new mum and become overwhelmed,
so we have produced a range of videos and guides to help you express and understand our products.

Breast Pumping While Travelling

Nipple Shields

Milk Ejection Reflex

Breast Massage

How to Use an Amaryll Manual Breastpump

Getting More Breast Milk

Calypso Double Plus - what's in the box

Calypso Double Plus - setting up the pump

Calypso Breastpump Troubleshooting Guide

Hands on pumping, hand expressing & power pumping

Choosing Breast Shell Sizes

Calypso to go - what's in the box

Calypso to go - setting up the pump

Carum - what's in the box

Carum - setting up the pump

Calypso Single - what's in the box

Calypso Single - setting up the pump

Expressing into Easy Freeze bags

Assembling the Ardo Pumpset

Disassembling and cleaning the Ardo Pumpset

Storing Breast Milk

Double and Single Pumping

How to use the Ardo Calypso

Elite - setting up the pump

Elite - what's in the box