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Why rent a hospital-grade breastpump?

-          To increase your breast milk supply.

-          If you are exclusively expressing milk for a for a baby who cannot breastfeed, or is born prematurely.

-          Multiple births, twins or triplets,  you will need to express more breastmilk.

-          Rental can be your best option if you want to make sure that pumping is for you.

-          Only plannning to express for a limited time.


Why buy a personal breastpump?

-          If you have a good supply of breastmilk you will not need a hospital grade breastpump.

-          To supplement feeding,  if you plan to breastfeed and only pump occasionally.

-          Buying a pump is more cost effective if you plan to express longer than six months.

-          Personal pumps are more lightweight and easier to carry around, if you are going back to work or frequently travelling.

-          Mains or battery operated makes the personal pump a more flexible option.

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