Help Me Choose

It's important to know which breast pump will be best for you. There are three main types of breast pump

  • A manual breast pump, such as the Amaryll.
  • A personal breast pump, such as the Calypso.
  • A hospital grade breast pump. such as the Carum.

We've created a quick survey which aims to help you choose the right breast pump. If you need any help or some more advice, feel free to contact us at the office where we will be more than happy to have a chat with you and discuss your options.

We've summarised the benefits of each type of breast pump below.

Why should I rent a hospital-grade breast pump?

  • To increase your breast milk supply.
  • If you are exclusively expressing milk for a for a baby who cannot breastfeed, or is born prematurely.
  • Multiple births, twins or triplets,  you will need to express more breast milk.
  • Rental can be your best option if you want to make sure that pumping is for you.
  • Only planning to express for a limited time.

Why should I buy a personal electric breast pump?

  • If you have a good supply of breastmilk you will not need a hospital grade breastpump.
  • To supplement feeding,  if you plan to breastfeed and only pump occasionally.
  • Buying a pump is more cost effective if you plan to express longer than six months.
  • Personal pumps are more lightweight and easier to carry around, if you are going back to work or frequently travelling.
  • Mains or battery operated makes the personal pump a more flexible option.

What are the benefits of a manual breast pump?

  • A manual pump is significantly cheaper than a rental unit or a personal pump,
  • A small size and can be stowed easily in a bag,
  • Good for occasional use,
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to use, lightweight and quiet.