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Expressing Breastmilk with a Manual Breastpump

Posted on by Ardo Medical

For breastfeeding mums who occasionally need to pump for a feed when they are either away from home or want to hand the feeding duties over to someone else for a well-earned break, the handheld breast pump is a great low-cost option.

A big advantage of manual pumps is their simplicity and convenient size which makes them a very travel friendly pump.

Some great advice for mums is once you’ve become skilled at hand expressing, you can try and pump one breast whilst your baby is feeding at the other.

Another use of a handheld pump is to help increase your milk supply alongside using an electric breastpump.

A 2009 study of mothers of premature babies found that when the mums started using hand expression at each pumping session after using the electric pump their milk production increased from 500-600ml average per day to 900-100ml average per day after 8 days. The study determined that the amount of expressed milk could be increased by 48% by combining manual expression with expressing with an electric breastpump.


Benefits of a Manual Breastpump

Hand pumps are generally an inexpensive option to the electric breast pumps and cost nothing to run after you’ve bought one. They are compact and easy to fit into your changing bag.

The setup is easy for a manual breastpump. The breast shell connects to the valve and membrane that leads the milk into the bottle. The place where the tubing is present on a double electric breastpump is replaced with the hand pump lever to supply the power for the suction.

To use the Amaryll pump you centre the breast shell over the nipple and start pumping using short rapid movements to begin with until letdown happens and the milk starts to flow. Once this occurs switch to slow pumping movements pressing the lever as far as is comfortable.  The Amaryll can be adjusted for left and right handed pumping, and due to the handle design is also suitable for mums with small hands.

A manual pump is very handy, especially when out and about and no electric supply is needed. Finding a power source can be an issue for a mum who is often out , working or needing  to express quickly.

Ardo Amaryll Manual Breastpump

– Can be used by both right and left handed mums

– Lightweight

– Easy to put together

– Simple to use

 – Made from premium-quality Bisphenol-A free materials

How to use an Amaryll Manual Breastpump 

As part of her review on the Amaryll Start an Amazon customer wrote, “Great design means no achy hand! Very lightweight and easily transportable.”

A professional reviewer from a mums’ forum wrote the following as part of her review on the Amaryll Manual,

“The Ardo Amaryll pump is simple to assemble and operate.The instructions were clear and easy to follow and I was pumping straight away with no problems whatsoever. It’s a very gentle pump and it allows you to adjust both speed and vacuum to suit your individual needs and mimic your baby’s sucking pattern
It also has a selection of three different breast shells to match your nipple size, and an ergonomic pivoting handle, which is suitable for right and left handed mothers, or for those with small hands.

I liked the flexibility of this pump and the neatness of the design makes it easy to carry about with you and use discreetly when necessary. I experienced no pain whatsoever when using the pump and would happily recommend it to others.

I think it represents good value for money and the company ethos and philosophy is reassuring for new mothers.”




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