Choose a Breastpump

Every mum is unique.

As a mum, there are many different reasons why you will have decided to hire or buy a breast pump. Ardo is here to support you with making your decision and can advise you on the best breast pump for your needs.

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What types of breast pumps are available?


Hospital Grade Breastpump (available to hire)

The Ardo Carum is a hospital grade double electric breastpump.  A powerful, reliable pump, which also features a sensitive setting programme. We would recommend hiring the Ardo Carum if you are unable to breastfeed your baby, need to exclusively express or you are trying to increase or maintain supply.


Electric Breastpump

The Ardo Calypso is an electric breastpump that can be used for single or double expressing.  It is one of the quietest breastpumps on the market, powerful yet gentle, and is suitable for both frequent or occasional expressing.  Find out more about the Calypso single breastpump  Calypso double plus breastpump  or Calypso to Go


Manual Breastpump

​The Ardo Amaryll is a manual pump which is mainly used for occassional expressing, however, if you have a high milk supply you can regularly pump with the Amaryll. 


Ardo breastpump range


You might also like to know that:

WHO code compliant

Ardo is a WHO (World Health Organisation) Code Compliant company and strongly promotes feeding your baby breast milk. 

Ardo's products can help mums breastfeed for longer and the company is committed to the provisions of the WHO code.  The careful managerment of breastfeeding in the first few weeks can determine the long-term success.  


Closed System - Safe, Secure, Sealed

The silicone membrane pot integrated into the pumpset is at the heart of our “Vacuum Seal” technology.

This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between the breastmilk and any pathogenic agents. “Vacuum Seal” guarantees protection of the mum, the milk, and the baby against contamination. 

If you would like any further help or need to ask any more questions  please contact us on 01823 336362, we can also offer Skype or Facetime.