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Category: Help & Advice

14 Things Every Breastfeeding & Pumping Mum Likes to Hear

Posted: 27th February 2017

1. “You are the one who knows your baby the best.” 2. “That soothing nipple cream exists!” 3. “Breast milk is a wonderful combination of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and immunity-boosting antibodies to help protect your baby.” 4. “Breastmilk helps to reduce the risk of developing …

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Expressing Breastmilk with a Manual Breastpump

Posted: 8th February 2017

For breastfeeding mums who occasionally need to pump for a feed when they are either away from home or want to hand the feeding duties over to someone else for a well-earned break, the handheld breast pump is a great low-cost option. A big advantage …

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Expressing Breast Milk for a Baby Who Cannot Latch On

Posted: 17th January 2017

  This post is part of a series of case studies on the Carum Breastpump by Lactation Consultant Marliese Pepe-Truffer (IBCLC) for Ardo. The case studies show how the Carum Hospital-grade Breastpump has been used by mums to help overcome various breastfeeding problems. The 37-year-old …

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4 Fabulous Breastfeeding Stories

Posted: 3rd January 2017

Bride Shares Heart-warming Wedding Photo Breastfeeding Daughter During Ceremony Christina Torino-Benton, from Canada, unexpectedly ended up breastfeeding her six-month-old daughter Gemma right in the middle of her own wedding ceremony. The mum decided to share the photo in the hope that it would help normalise breastfeeding and support other …

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