Carum 14 day Rental with Travelpack

  • £95.96 for the first 14 days rental including travel pack
  • Closed system hospital-grade breastpump
  • NHS approved supplier
  • Simple to use - complete control over speed and suction 
  • Sensitive setting to help mums with tender breasts or nipples
  • Double or single express as desired
  • Arrives ready to go - minimal assembly required


Includes - 

  • Carum Breastpump 14 day Rental with 2 Pumpsets 
  • Easy Freeze pre-sterilised bags 20 pack
  • Easy Clean microwave bags 5 pack
  • Day & Night disposable breast pads 60 pack
  • Gold Cream 10ml
  • Cool Bag Complete with 6 Bottles and 2 cooling elements
  • Breastfeeding Bag 

Breastpump Rental Details
  • £95.96 for the first 14 days rental with Travel Pack (includes delivery and collection by couriers).

    £47.00 for each additional month. The rental is continuous and monthly payments are taken until a collection date is booked for the return of the pump. 

    RRP £126.70 - Save £30.74

Carum Hospital Grade Breastpump

The breastpumps are delivered fully serviced and cleaned, and include 2 new pumpsets for single or double expressing.

  • Closed system hospital-grade breastpump
  • NHS approved supplier
  • Simple to use - complete control over speed and suction 
  • Sensitive setting to help mums with tender breasts or nipples
  • Safe, secure, sealed system
  • Arrives ready to go - minimal assembly required
  • Double or single express as desired

Easy Freeze

  • Express directly into the pre-sterilised Easy Freeze bags
  • Expressed breastmilk is safe and no drop is lost
  • Resealable fastening
  • Leak-proof bags

Easy Clean

  • Safe & hygienic - 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs are killed
  • Fast sterilisation - only a few minutes in the microwave
  • Lightweight and small - ideal for when travelling
  • Safe Grip allows easy handling when taking bag out of the microwave
  • Easy to use - each bag can be used up to 20 times

Day & Night

  • Absorbent and comfortable to wear
  • Unique leakage protection for maximum security
  • Almost invisible thanks to their 3D design
  • Hygienic individual packaging
  • Non-slip for secure hold
  • Ultra absorbent core
  • Additional 360º barrier, to prevent sideways leaking

Gold Cream

  • 100% pure Lanolin Nipple Cream
  • For dry, cracked, sensitive nipples
  • Creates fast relief and is safe
  • Hypoallergenic, practically odourless and tasteless Is absorbed naturally and does not need to be removed
  • Protects and cares for the skin
  • No need to remove before breastfeeding

Cool Bag Complete

  • Safe transportation of breastmilk
  • Robust insulated lining
  • Includes cooling elements
  • 6 x 150ml bottles 
  • Bisphenol-A free materials
  • 2 cooling elements 

Breastfeeding Bag 

  • Made from particularly robust material
  • 4 practical inner compartments, key chain, photo pocket, and much more
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable carrying handle
  • Pushchair strap attachments for fastening onto your pram

Delivery is FREE for the Carum Rental Breastpump.

Orders placed before 2pm, Monday to Friday, are despatched by courier for a next working day delivery*, however this is not guaranteed, due to incidents that may occur beyond our control. A text will be sent by the courier on the day of delivery to advise an estimated time the goods will arrive.

The breastpump rental starts from the day of delivery and payment for any subsequent rental period will be deducted from your card.

Northern Ireland Carum Breastpump Rental

To rent a Carum breastpump in N.I. please call 01823 336362.
Please note: delivery can take 2 working days.

Local Collection
You can collect your pump from us in Taunton, Somerset.
If you wish to collect a rental pump from the Taunton branch we can deduct £10.00 from your order.
To rent and collect from us call 01823 336362.

Returning your rented Breastpump
When you wish to return the breastpump all you need to do is contact us on 01823 336362 to arrange collection. If collection cannot be made within 2 working days the full continuation due will be charged.

Carum breastpump rental unit

2 x Pumpsets (150ml bottles) with 26mm breastshells

60 x disposable breast pads

5 x microwave bags = 100 steam cleans 

20 x pre-sterilised breast milk storage bags 180ml

1 x 10ml Gold Cream

1 x Cool bag with 6 bottles and 2 cooling elements

1 x Breastfeeding Bag 

Hire agreement


- If you require different sized breastshells please add a comment requesting the size desired when you order.

Carum Hospital-grade Breastpump - setting up the pump video

Day & Night Pads

Easy Clean

Expressing into Easy Freeze bags video


Step by step guide

Breastmilk storage guidelines


For healthy term babies, different storage times may be needed for sick infants or donated milk.

  • Room temperature up to 25°C Up to 6 hours
  • Cool bag with cooling elements 24 hours
  • Fridge at 4°C or lower 5 days
  • Freezer at -20°C 6 months


  • Storing in small quantities makes it easier to defrost - place in the fridge to defrost slowly or hold under cold running water. 
  • Warming the breast milk –  use straight from the fridge if your baby is happy or place in lukewarm water.
  • Do not refreeze or warm in a microwave

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