Expressing Breast Milk with Sore Nipples

Expressing Breast Milk with Sore Nipples

This post is part of a series of case studies on the Carum Breastpump by Lactation Consultant Marliese Pepe-Truffer (IBCLC) for Ardo. The case studies show how the Carum Hospital-grade Breastpump has been used by mums to help overcome various breastfeeding problems.

The 37-year-old second-time mum gave birth to her baby, who was able to breastfeed in the first two hours after the birth.

The baby was breastfed regularly. However, the baby’s weight fell below the 3rd percentile and was therefore fed with a cup, when restless, based on professional medical advice.

On the 3rd day after the birth the mum’s nipples became increasingly red and her pain, when breastfeeding increased. She rated the pain when breastfeeding as 9 on the pain scale. For this reason, the mother understandably did not want to continue breastfeeding.

Together with the mum, it was decided to take a break from breastfeeding the baby and she was taught how to express breastmilk using the Carum. It was explained to her how important it is to adjust the cycle and the vacuum according to her individual comfort, both in the stimulation and in the expression mode, so that the pumping is free of pain and so her nipples are able to heal quickly. The mum went home the same day and took the rental Carum with her.

By exclusively pumping for 4 days, the nipples healed to the extent that the baby was able to be breastfed again with support from an IBCLC breastfeeding consultant. From then on, the mum breastfed exclusively and was able to enjoy breastfeeding.

Case Study Conclusion

For mums with painful nipples who no longer want to nurse the baby, it is important that they be able to adjust the vacuum and the cycle on the breastpump individually at any time.

Often the level of comfort is not the same on both breasts, so vacuum and cycle need to be adjusted for each breast, that is, the breasts should be pumped one at a time.  The mum therefore has control over her pumping sessions at all times.


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