The Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump - What's in the Box

The Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump - What's in the Box

The Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breastpump is a powerful yet quiet gentle breastpump offering individual flexibility to meet mums expressing needs. The Calypso breastpump is compact and easy to use featuring 64 combinations of settings for the adjustment of cycle and vacuum. Settings can be adjusted independently whilst pumping, allowing for very sensitive adjustments during stimulation and expressing.

In the video below, Emma Pickett will be going over what is in the box when you receive your Calypso Double Plus Pump.


Video Transcript

“So, let's have a look what's in the box when you open your Calypso double plus pump.

Now, when we're a bit sleep-deprived, which we're likely to be when we have a new baby in our lives, opening a breast pump box can be quite overwhelming. I've been working with breast pumps for about 10 years and even I find it quite overwhelming. So let's talk about the individual pieces that are inside the box, and what their jobs are.

So first of all, we've got the pump itself. The Calypso pump. That's where we're going to put the batteries, if we use batteries, that's we're going to plug the power socket, and that's where we're going to be putting the tubes when it's time to set up for pumping.

There's another video that talks to you about how to set up the pump and also, how to decide what breast shells you're going to use.

These are the breast shells, we've got lots of different ones - not because we're expecting you to have six breasts, but because different diameters are going to be appropriate for different women.

So, as standard with the box we've got the breast shells that fit women who need a 28 millimetre diameter, a 31 millimetre diameter, and a 26 millimetres diameter. Now, if you need smaller or larger, you can get a 22 millimetre and a 36 millimetre sent to you from ARDO which are available on their site.

They also come with these Optiflow massage inserts and that is for women who need a 26 millimetre diameter. Don't worry at the moment about which diameter you are, because we'll talk about that in another video.

That fits inside this particular one, which is the 31 millimetre.

So we've got different breast shells. We've got the Optiflow massage inserts, we've got two bottles because lots of us are going to be using this for double pumping. We've got lids that we need when we're going to be storing the milk in the bottle.

We've got a different kind of lid that we're going to use when it comes time for pumping.

We've also got these little white silicone wedge shapes and they're going to be on the bottom of the bottle when it comes - on the bottom of the shell when it comes to pumping. Now again, don't worry about how to set that up because we'll do that later. We've got four altogether because when they become a little bit tired it can affect the efficiency of your pumping, so it's a good idea to sort them round after a few weeks.

We've also got the tubes that we're going to need to attach to the back of those special pumping lids and then inside we've got these little membranes that we also need.

We've got the power cord, we've also got the holder which is going to go on the back of the pump. We're not going to keep the bottles in there, when we're pumping because we'll be needing to hold the bottles up to our breasts, but that's useful to store when you finish pumping. We've also got some sample of some breast pads.

We've also got a bottle brush that's useful when you're cleaning the shells and getting inside the little bits and pieces.

Not such a good idea to use this bottle brush on these white silicone pieces though; and we've got some bits of paperwork to help us as well. This is a nice simple guide that talks about how to assemble the pump set and how to get started.

We've got a much more detailed guide, that talks about using the machine, putting in the batteries and a bit more detailed guide to getting started, and then this particular guide just talks about some other aspects of using the pump and storing the milk and other bits and pieces like that.

Okay. It does look a lot - don't panic! We'll talk through how to set up the breast pump in another video and we'll talk about how to choose your breast shell sizes.”

About Emma

Truly passionate about her role as a lactation consultant, Emma Pickett, IBCLC has over 10 years of experience with breast feeding and is the chair of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Posted by Ardo Breast Pumps

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