Nicole in a Nutshell

Nicole in a Nutshell

I planned on writing this post AGES ago when I assumed Ripley would happily alternate between boob and bottle without fuss. Fast forward 4 months and this so hasn’t happened.  We are basically Siamese.

Not that I am complaining. I am so grateful that I took to breastfeeding really easily (after the initial tough bit). I love it so much and have no plans to stop anytime soon.  And Ripley has no complaints; it's champagne on tap for him.

I guess I just thought it would be nice to have the flexibility of expressing every now and again so that I could accept a party/dinner/birthday invitation (sans baba) once in a while. I mean hello, I’d already had a 9-month detox. He is totally worth it of course.

I’ve tried various teats and techniques to get Ripley into bottles since he was 5 weeks old but so far, he refuses to take it. You would honestly think we were holding a flame to his feet if you heard his screams. I admit that I've been a bit slack investing the time trying to make this work but it's hard to find the hours when I'm also running a business. 

Anyway, when I do practice, I express with the NHS approved Ardo Calypso pump.  It is really good and really discreet.  In fact, it’s quieter than the Medela.  I discovered this after testing out both models when I stayed on the maternity ward for 5 days in hospital. That is the only time Ripley would take a bottle but I guess his 3 day-old self hadn’t become stubborn at that point ;)

With vacuum seal technology, this pump gives 100% protection and prevents contamination of pump or milk.  I like that I am able to independently adjust the rhythm and vacuum strength and that it comes with various sized shields to fit all types of boobies.

I sterilise all the bits in the steam steriliser. 

I’m hoping that once Ripley starts weaning, he’ll become more accustomed with the bottle so that I can experience the odd evening that isn't based around a game of Words With Friends

So, I’m going to gradually start pumping with the Calypso again, freezing a supply that can be stored for when I am able to eventually go out without him (I’ll miss him like crazy).
I know that the grandparents can’t wait for that day. 

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