Advantages of Double Pumping

Advantages of Double Pumping

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What are the benefits of double pumping in comparison to single pumping?

Double pumping means pumping both breasts at the same time. It increases the milk supply more quickly and is more efficient both in time and quantity.

Studies show that a mother can pump significantly more milk if she is double pumping instead of single pumping. For this reason double pumping can be recommended especially to mothers with low milk production, premature babies, twins and multiple babies.

You can pump hands free with an expressing bra, which can be so helpful. Or you can make your own with an old bra or sports bra, make some horizontal incisions and this will keep the breastshells in place and you pump hands free.

With double pumping the let-down reflex can occur much more quickly.  During double pumping both the nipples and areolas are stimulated at the same time. Observations have shown that the let-down-reflex occurs earlier than with single pumping.

Double pumping reduces the pumping time by half. With single pumping the optimal duration is 20 minutes. Mothers need only 10 minutes for pumping with a double pump set. A reduced pumping time is a big advantage especially for mums who are regularly pumping for several weeks or months, working mums, mothers of premature babies or mums with babies who cannot latch-on.

Another great advantage is there is no breastmilk leakage. When single pumping, sometimes mums lose precious breastmilk from the other breast. When double pumping however, mothers have the advantage in that they are collecting all the breastmilk.

Double pumping has been shown to increase mothers’ satisfaction. A study of mothers with premature babies who both double pumped and single pumped found that mothers who were double pumping were the most satisfied.

When needed, you can convert Ardo breastpumps from a double to a single to allow for ultimate flexibility in your pumping options. If you have a single breastpump you can of course purchase another pumpset to convert it into a double breastpump.


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