Easy Freeze

Express directly into the pre-sterilised Easy Freeze bags

Expressed breastmilk is safe and no drop is lost

Resealable fastening

Leak-proof bags.

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    I bought these along with the calypso double pump. Wasn't sure from the description online whether they were reusable but suspected they were not and ... Read More



    Good quality bags, sturdy and no leakage issues.

    Verified Amazon Customer: vhc83


    Bought these along with the pump. Very good quality, no leaking, handy and fit straight on to the pump for ease of pumping. Would recommend.



    found the ardo freezer bags very sturdy and easy to use

    Jasmin C

The Easy Freeze bags have been designed to be used with all Ardo Pumpsets and pumps, including the manual Amaryll manual pump.

You can express directly into the pre-sterilised Easy Freeze where the expressed breastmilk is safe and no drop is lost due to the resealable fastening of the leak-proof bags. When you wish to use the milk, the integrated heat indicator on the bag will show when the milk is warm. For easy measuring, each bag is graduated up to 180ml. We use premium-quality, FDA tested, double coating to protect against odours. The materials used are safe and Plasticizer (PVC) free.


Package contains:

20 Disposable Easy Freeze pre-sterilised bags 180ml

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Ardo products are personal hygiene products and are classified as medical devices, therefore cannot be cancelled, returned, or refunded unless:

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B. The product is faulty

20 x pre-sterilised breast milk storage bags 180ml

Expressing into Easy Freeze bags video


Step by step guide

Breastmilk storage guidelines


For healthy term babies, different storage times may be needed for sick infants or donated milk.

  • Room temperature up to 25°C Up to 6 hours
  • Cool bag with cooling elements 24 hours
  • Fridge at 4°C or lower 5 days
  • Freezer at -20°C 6 months


  • Storing in small quantities makes it easier to defrost - place in the fridge to defrost slowly or hold under cold running water. 
  • Warming the breast milk –  use straight from the fridge if your baby is happy or place in lukewarm water.
  • Do not refreeze or warm in a microwave

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