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4 Fabulous Breastfeeding Stories

Posted on by Ardo Medical

Bride Shares Heart-warming Wedding Photo Breastfeeding Daughter During Ceremony

Christina Torino-Benton, from Canada, unexpectedly ended up breastfeeding her six-month-old daughter Gemma right in the middle of her own wedding ceremony. The mum decided to share the photo in the hope that it would help normalise breastfeeding and support other mums.


Mums Experience Breastfeeding with Breast Implants

Mummy Vlogger of Finding Tori describes her experiences breastfeeding with breast implants and offers her top tips to improve milk supply.



New mum fighting ALS determined to breastfeed her baby

A wonderfully touching yet sad story of an amazing mum who was so ill she couldn’t change, bathe or dress her baby – the only thing she could do was breastfeed her. Read the full story on Made for Mums.

Wedding Photographer Breastfeeds on the Job 

A mummy blogger and wedding photographer wrote a really inspiring story on her blog ‘Note to Self Employed Mum’ about going back to work and expressing in-between taking photos at a wedding.

She says, “Ardo really helped make my back to work journey easier and has meant I’ve been able to continue breastfeeding.”

In her blog she describes her experience of her first day back at work. Whilst on her first pumping break at work she explains, “I sat there for what felt like forever and nothing was happening and I got even more worked up as I knew I had a small window to express. I checked my phone to see I’d been WhatsApp’ed some lovely photos of Paisley having fun with Daddy and even a video and suddenly my body kicked in and that bottle filled! That was the trick for the rest of the day and it worked wonders.” Read the full post on her blog.

She writes, “I do hope sharing my stories and advice from what I’ve learnt so far will help someone out there who’s worrying about how they will manage.”

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