Monthly Archives: June 2018

Nicole in a Nutshell

Posted: 19th June 2018

BREASTFEEDING – MY ONE NEGATIVE (THAT ISN’T SOOO BAD) I planned on writing this post AGES ago when I assumed Ripley would happily alternate between boob and bottle without fuss. Fast forward 4 months and this so hasn’t happened.  We are basically Siamese.   Not that I am …

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Back to reality: Returning to work as a breastfeeding mum of two

Posted: 4th June 2018

I can’t believe it’s that time already.  My maternity leave ends tomorrow.   It’s the strangest feeling, in some ways the time has flown and in others it feels like an eternity since I was last anything other than ‘just mum’. I started maternity leave 2 …

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