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Why Rent or Buy a Breastpump – Help Me Choose

Are you confused about whether to rent or buy a Breastpump? Learn more for help deciding between the options available...


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  • Closed System
  • Vacuum Seal
  • Ultra Silent and Gentle
  • Not made with BPA

Why buy from Ardo

  • Award winning breastpumps
  • NHS approved supplier
  • Hospital-grade breastpumps for rent
  • Closed system breastpumps
  • Quiet and comfortable breastpumps
  • WHO code compliant
  • Swiss Quality manufacturers
  • Great customer service
  • Child Labour Policy

Help Me Please

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At Ardo we understand what it is like to be a new mum and feel overwhelmed by having a new born baby and the need to express.  The range of videos we have produced are written and presented by an experienced lactation consultant.  It was important to us that we included all the questions we are frequently asked by mums, from what’s in the box, to how to use the products, but also how to express more breast milk.


  • 15 May
    15 things to do while you are waiting for your baby to arrive

    15 things to do while you are waiting for your baby to arriveWhilst your still pregnant here is a great list by Mumsnet of things to do or get done before your baby arrives. Because afterwards… well, no sleep or time etc! ..

  • 5 Apr
    Expressing Breast Milk with Sore Nipples

    This post is part of a series of case studies on the Carum Breastpump by Lactation Consultant Marliese Pepe-Truffer (IBCLC) for Ardo. The case studies show how the Carum Hospital-grade Breastpump has been used by mums to help overcome various breastfeeding problems.The 37-year-old second-time mum gave birth to her baby, who was able to breastfeed in the first two hours after the birth.The ba...

  • 15 Mar
    Lactation Consultants: How they Help Breastfeeding and Expressing Mums

    Lactation consultants are professional breastfeeding specialists trained to teach mothers how to feed their baby.  They offer a wide range of services, which include everything from how to increase milk supply to help with latching on and breastfeeding positions. They can also devise special feeding strategies for twins, premature babies and babies who are ill or who cannot latch...

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