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At Ardo we consider our customers’ opinions the most important ones. All the wonderful feedback we receive from parents has helped us to give you the best products and service.

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  • Closed System
  • Vacuum Seal
  • Ultra Silent and Gentle
  • Not made with BPA

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  • Award winning breastpumps
  • NHS approved supplier
  • Hospital-grade breastpumps for mums to hire
  • Closed system breastpumps
  • Quiet and comfortable breastpumps
  • WHO code compliant
  • Swiss Quality manufacturers
  • Great customer service
  • Child Labour Policy

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At Ardo we understand what it is like to be a new mum and feel overwhelmed by having a new born baby and the need to express.  The range of videos we have produced are written and presented by an experienced lactation consultant.  It was important to us that we included all the questions we are frequently asked by mums, from what’s in the box, to how to use the products, but also how to express more breast milk.


  • 6 Oct
    Working Mums, Pumping and Gurgling Babies

    A mummy blogger and wedding photographer wrote a really inspiring story on her blog ‘Note to Self Employed Mum’ about going back to work and expressing in-between taking photos at a wedding. She says, "Ardo really helped make my back to work journey easier and has meant I've been able to continue breastfeeding." In her blog she describes her experience of her first day back at wo...

  • 16 Sep
    Establishing Milk Supply with a Premature Baby

    This post is part of a series of case studies on the Carum Breastpump by Lactation Consultant Marliese Pepe-Truffer (IBCLC) for Ardo. The case studies show how the Carum Hospital-grade Breastpump has been used by mums to help overcome various breastfeeding problems. The mum, delivered baby son Jakob by Caesarean in the 34th week of pregnancy due to her waters breaking early. The 32-year-...

  • 1 Sep
    Why are Doula’s Becoming More Popular with Mums in the UK?

    Birth doulas provide continuous support, for women and couples, through pregnancy, labour and birth and the immediate postnatal time. Postnatal doulas provide flexible practical and emotional support postnatally for new mothers and families in their own homes. Postnatal doulas typically start working with a family in the first few months after birth. The actual tasks in the practical s...

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